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Expect crappy almost shit like art from The blogger. mANGOES AND sIESTAS Are the best

Hello! My name is Melced and I draw stuffs (well... I try to draw) and I'M VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT MY SHIPS ... so if your crash one of 'em I'll tighten all of your sphincters !

snk x naruto x pokemon x tloa x bleach(m) x nintendo

A : Melced Czar
B : 17 (ugh)
C : Philippines
D : An Aberrant

How dare you hack Melced House Benasas. I will personally rip your throat from your dead body you bloody ingrate.

College is one big cluster of mother fvcks.

Noooo electricity in the dormitoryyy…
Drivin’ me craaazzyyy…

Lately I’ve been busy playing duelling network… damn it. and I haven’t been drawing plus I can smell hell week uprising and I haven’t even started reviewing or doing shit that I was supposed to do. yaz, im playing duelingnetwork now. Hahaha damn it melced